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Whether you are a home gardener, a community gardener, or market gardener, you are just one season away from creating the garden, and life, of your dreams. 

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Lavender Guide

Lavender can be tricky to grow but a field of purple, a cooler of fragrant bundles, and a ceiling covered in drying stems is 100% worth it. Learn the basics in how to grow this ethereal, versatile, and helpful plant in mass. 

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CSA Guide

Community Support Agriculture is a  program that shares the risk of agriculture between farmer and consumer. Its a way to put the culture back into agriculture and will be the heart of your farm. 

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Wedding Guide 

Learn the business of weddings from a farmer-florist perspective and step into the market with confidence and grace. Take your knowledge of seasonal flowers and elevate them in floral designs for wedding couples. 

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The Dahlia Workshop

Learn how to grow dahlia's like a pro.

$149.00 USD

The Dahlia Workshop

Learn how to grow dahlias from beginning to end in a way that you can digest the information in just the right amount. Feel more confident going into a new season with this course in your toolbox.

Building Soil (from Scratch)


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The Soil Workshop

In this course, you will crack the code on balancing soil. This two hour course will dive deep into analyzing soil, understanding how nutrient and minerals affect plants, and how to add amendments that your plants will love. Stop guessing, wasting money, and losing another season. 

Growing Ranunculus & Anemones


The Ranunculus & Anemone Workshop

Dustin and Kate, owners of Little Hollow Flowers from Berthoud, CO, will demystify growing these gorgeous spring flowers. Start to finish learn the details on how to cultivate these treasured cut and come again flowers in a cold climate.

Registration is now so you don't lose another season to mushy corms.

The Rose Workshop

Learn how to grow beautiful garden roses from Little Seed Flower Farm in Johnston, CO. From selection, planting, pruning, and harvesting you'll get to learn the tricks of the trade from a professional rose grower.

Registration is now open to enjoy roses in your garden this summer.

Mini Course: Soil Prep


Mini Course: Soil Basics

If you are a beginner gardener, this free Mini Course will give you the basic foundation for amending your soil in the spring. It is 15 minutes of video content that you can watch at any time. Enroll now to receive the course.


1% of all online education sales will be donated to community gardens who provide land, resources, and programming to people who want to garden.


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