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Growing Ranunculus & Anemones


Growing Ranunculus

Dustin and Kate, owners of Little Hollow Flowers from Berthoud, CO, will demystify growing these gorgeous spring flowers. Start to finish learn the details on how to cultivate these treasured cut and come again flowers in a cold climate.

ADVANCED COURSE, Registration opens in November

Grow Garden Roses (in Zone 5)


Garden Roses (in Zone 5)

Learn how to grow beautiful garden roses in Zone 5 from Little Seed Flower Farm in Johnston, CO. From selection, planting, pruning, and harvesting you'll get to learn the tricks of the trade from a professional rose grower.

BEGINNER COURSE, Registration opens in November

Building Soil (from Scratch)


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Building Soil (from Scratch)

Turn your basic garden into a spectacular garden! In this course, Gina with SHEGROWS will teach you the art of balancing soil. This two hour course will dive deep into analyzing soil, understanding how nutrients affect plants, and how to add amendments. Pro Tip: No amount of compost will balance your nutrients and minerals. 

ADVANCED COURSE, Registration opens in November

Mini Course: Soil Prep


Mini Course: Soil Prep

If you are a beginner gardener, this free Mini Course will give you the basic foundation for amending your soil in the spring. It is 15 minutes of video content that you can watch at any time. Enroll now to receive the course.


1% of all online education sales will be donated to community gardens who provide land, resources, and programming to citizens who desire to garden.